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Another Summer Down on the Shore

Spring was almost here and that meant that it was time to start to look at the jersey hotels that were down on the shore in the Wildwood Crest area. I had gone there a lot as a kid and I knew that it was really important for me to take my thirteen year old daughter there with us as it was going to be a great time. My friends and family asked me if they thought it was too much if we were going to be able to go to the shore as we were also planning on going to Jamaica later on in the summer season. I wanted to make sure that we were able to speak with the travel agent that was helping us to see when we should book the trip to the Caribbean to make sure that we could save the greatest amount of money. Continue reading

Have A Vacation Like A Star

If you want action satisfaction and that perfect fun-filled vacation then look for your rental home in the sun-drenched Bay front Park area of Miami around March time when the place is taken over by a music conference-cum-festival unparalleled by any other around the world.

The Ultra Music Festival is the annual outdoor celebration of electronic music and all its facets and the herds flock to it from all over the globe with only one intention to party hard and party 24/7. It used to be a one-day event held at the end of the Winter Music Conference from 1999-2006, then went to a two day event until 2010, then 3 days, and now its split over two consecutive weekends, and still boasts some, if not most, of the biggest names in dance music. Over 300,000 people attend, take a travel holiday and take over the beaches and the clubs, sunning themselves all day and drinking cocktails, and then dancing into oblivion at night till daylight breaks.

The beaches are long and wide, with crystal clear warm waters, the shorefront lined with cocktail bars, picnic pavilions and restaurants, and there are so many to choose from the celebrated South Beach of postcard fame, the quiet but picturesque Sunny Isles Beach, or the clothes-are-optional Haulover Beach. You can choose to merely lounge and snooze all day, recovering from the previous nights festivities, or you get involved and go wind-surfing or paddle boarding, or whizz around on a jet ski.

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Primo Vacations Club Makes The Wife Happy Thailand Savings

How many times have you left it until the last minute to save for your holiday? Didn’t the wife tell you that her ideal vacation would be a spa vacation without the kids in Thailand? How on earth can you afford that? Besides things have slowed down at work recently and you might have your hours cut down. Worse still, you may not even have a job to come back to in 12 months time. The wife will just have to wait right? Wrong!

Travel Vacation clubs have never been popular, because of the monthly costs associated with what has been seen as an expensive, timeshare.You may get discounts, but you are paying a fortune with monthly costs and they have the audacity in some cases, to restrict when you can travel.

If only there was a travel vacation club that you pay a one off fee too and it gives you a whopping discount. That would keep the wife quite, wouldn’t it? Wrong! The wife won’t be happy with less than 4 stars and Thailand, well it’ll have to be 5 stars. You don’t want to pay a 5 star price tag though, right? Right!

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Choosing Vacation Rentals for Your Summer Getaway

When you realize that it is time to get away and have some time separate from work, you might consider vacation rentals as an option for a place to stay. Hotels are fine, but condos on the water might be the perfect option.

The great thing about condo vacation rentals is that they are like having an entire house to yourself. There will be many amenities, and if you wanted, you could even bring food so you would not have leave except to go walk on the beach, or any other fun activity. It is the perfect place for people who need a break from their stressed out job.

Some things to look for in vacation rentals should include the cost, the amenities, and the area. These three areas will help you make the right decision as to which ones to choose.

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The Perks of a Sailing Holiday

Sailing holidays are a very specific type of holiday which there are many reasons to indulge in. Have you ever considered a voyage on the seas? Whether you’re a skilled sailor or a complete newbie, there are options for all levels of traveller. Sailing makes for a pleasant change from travelling on land and can please adults and kids alike. Consider just some of the perks of a sailing holiday.


One of the main perks of sailing is the element of privacy. Essentially, your boat is your resort. With only you, your guests and crew (if you have one) on board, you can do whatever you like without worrying that it may disturb other residents, as is the case in hotels.

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Barbados Real Estate for The Perfect Vacation Home

Barbados is an easternmost island country in the Lesser Antilles. Situated east of the Caribbean Sea in the western part of the North Atlantic, it lies outside the hurricane belt and is spared the results of tropical hurricanes. Its topography shows a bunch of terraced landfalls to the west, inclined land to the east, encircled by coral reefs seen from a room with a view in BARBADOS REAL ESTATE .

As the most developed island in this area, tourism accounts for virtually half of the economy. With the 1st name translated “Red Land with White Teeth”, the southern and western coasts sport white and pink hued sands on highly-sought beaches that introduce the calm, aquamarine Caribbean Sea. The reasonably warm climate, sun-soaked skies, and tumbling waves make this island a pretty destination that draws holiday makers back.

Architecturally wonderful, modern, private jacuzzi and pool villas on this island’s west coast, bring peaceable luxury trapped by lush, tropical gardens resplendent with hummingbirds. Accommodations offer en-suite bedrooms and private balconies with all the conveniences of home and beyond. A five-minute walk to the beach, shopping, cafeterias and bars brings vacation to your door. Villas are situated with the Caribbean light considered for early morning rays and shade from the heat of the dinner time sun.

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