How Migration Agents Can Help In Partner Visa?

Migration agents work as a bridge to get you a visa of a country, with many categories and its subclasses depending on your situation. Same as they also can help you to get a spouse visa because they know all the requirements and the limitations related to it. They help you to understand the complex procedure into simple words and allow you to decide whether you want the process to proceed because the fee of partner or spouse visa is a bit high. For more information, please log on to


There hundreds of categories and subclasses of visas, each has different requirements and criteria. A common man cannot get into details and select the best available option for them. For these services and make you easily get the visa, agents are working all around. Same as following is the requirement which a person should meet, if want to apply for a partner visa 820; which is a short-term visa allows you to travel to Australia. Afterward, evaluation is done on your request before granting a permanent partner visa( subclass 801). Following are some requirements to find if you can apply for it or not:

  • Applicant should be married or in de facto relation with an Australian citizen or permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. If in de facto relation, you should have a relationship history of at least 12 months
  • Marriage should be valid under Australian law ; parent’s permission is required if under age 18
  • Have a legal document to prove the relation
  • Applicant should even know English at intermediate level
  • Fulfill the health requirements

These are the basic requirements, it is a very lengthy are a complex process and definitely takes time from 12-24 months’ time duration or sometimes even more. it can easily discourage the person who applied for it. That is why it requires you to contact a consultant, that you never feel alone in this process. Agents help you to keep updated about the process and in which stage, your application is under assessment.

There is no obligation to lodge visa application on your own, and when your case has no complications you can do so. But statics shows that partner visa migration agent in Adelaide has the highest rate of rejection in any Australian visa category and most of them are the applications applied by the applicant themselves; 36% rejected applications are related to self submitted requests. However, migration agents are registered from an Australian government Agents organization which ensures that agents must pass knowledgeable and correct information to the clients. They have gone through an extensive training and courses which makes them know all the possible hurdles a visa can face. So this is their duty to guide you through the process and represent you where required.